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~ Play and learn ~

" Hangzhou 2m2 Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd is a tech innovation company, which integrates design, production and sale of professional desks and chairs for teenagers. We focus on studying intelligent learning desks for teenagers. All of our innovative designs are aimed to cultivate teenagers' good learning habits. We believe good learning habits is the most valuable asset for a child's life.
When we stretch our arms and spin around, the scope that our fingertips can reach is about 2m2. This area is the warmest and within which we can learn the most attentively. ?This is the origin of our brand---2m2. The intelligent learning desk of 2m2 is an ergonomic learning desk system which accs with teenagers' development acteristics, designed by many Red Dot Award and IF Award owners with many years' elaboration. It can meet teenagers' different demands like writing, reading and painting and protect their spines, effectively prevent hunchback and protect their eyesight during their learning process, which enables teenagers to develop healthily with good learning habits. "